The Niagara Holisitic Wellness Portal

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The “Self-Discovery” tool on the Holistic Wellness Portal allows a person to create and track their own wellness goals. Living in balance and harmony is an ongoing journey. After logging in, users can use the self-discovery tool to reflect on their own well-being.

The Niagara Holistic Wellness Initiative is a community partnership between Brock University, Niagara College and other Niagara Region professionals who are committed to supporting post-secondary students’ learning, health and well-being in a positive and holistic way. The resource is based on the Aboriginal medicine wheel and acts as a tool for students to focus on all parts of their health: body, mind, spirit and emotion.

A holistic approach to wellness recognizes a person’s body, mind, spirit and emotion are all interrelated and need to be continually brought into balance and harmony.


Description of wellness features:
  1. Login: Users can create a username and log into the website. By logging in, users can customize events and news items she/he prefers to see, as well as use the interactive goal tracker.
  2. Events Section: Each month local events are highlighted that relate to one of holistic wellness quadrants. Events may be hosted by Brock University, Niagara College or may be offered in the community. Contact us to feature your event.
  3. Student Blog: Each week our student blogger touches on various issues relating to the four quadrants found in the circle of wellness. In the blog, the writer focuses on student life and her/his experiences with student pressures and stressors. Each month a guest blogger shares her/his  perspectives on wellness.
  4. Goal Tracker: Added in 2014, the goal tracker allows users to login and track their own personal wellness goals. Goals can be either SMART goals or reflective goals. Users can receive reminders about milestones and track their progress as they journey towards wellness.
  5. My Self-Discovery Tool: Living in balance and harmony is an ongoing journey. After logging in, users can use the self-discovery tool to reflect on their own well-being.

Login to the Niagara Holistic Wellness Portal

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    Student Health Services

    Located in Harrison Hall
    (next to Campus Security)
    Physicians and Mental Health Nurse
    905-688-5550 x3243

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    Personal Counselling

    Located in the Schmon Tower – ST400
    905-688-5550 x3240 (crisis)

    905-688-5550 x4750 (non-crisis/

    appointment booking)


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    Campus Security

    Located in the Kenmore Centre (across from the Walker Complex)
    905-688-5550 x3200 (crisis)
    905-688-5550 x4300 (non-crisis)

Crisis Services
at Brock

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    Brock Campus Security

    905-688-5550 x3200

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    In Case Of Emergency

    Call 911

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    Niagara Distress Centre

    905-688-3711 (support line)

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    Niagara Health System, St. Catharines Hospital

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    Personal Counselling

    905-327-2244 (emergency after hours)

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    24 Hours Post-Secondary Student Hotline (Good 2 Talk)


After Hours Crisis Resources